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    Umwelt und Qualität

Quality and Environmental

“First Class” nighttime express comes responsibility. For the environment and of course to our customers.

"First-Class" Quality

As a “first-class” nighttime express service provider, it is our most important task to be able to recognize the wishes, requests and requirements of our customers at any time. Committed and quality-oriented employees as well as our own, based on the latest technology, IT-Tool are our most valuable capital and the key to being able to meet our customers’ requirements while providing excellent quality during our daily work. Only satisfied customers will bestow their trust in us over the long term.

In order to constantly meet this standard, we are always working to continuously improve our processes and their automation. Therefor we have set up our own quality management and became certified according to the DIN ISO 9001 quality standards for the first time in 2005.


Quality-conscious and customer-oriented behaviour have always been firmly anchored in our company. In everything we do, we nevertheless are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. We attach great importance to keep the environmental impact as low as possible. Economic behavior and a conscious use of resources are important foundations for us to ensure the success and the future of our company in the long term.

We see in the reduction of CO2 emissions of our transport network a significant contribution to environmental protection. Permanent tour optimization and a professional and sustainable compensation of our CO2 emissions by planting osier trees are just two examples of how we bring economic activity and the environment into harmony.

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