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First Class night express solution

Night Star Express Switzerland AG is a leading provider of nighttime transport services throughout Switzerland and an exclusive partner of the Night Star Express transport network. We turn night into day and so it goes:

As a night express service provider we pick the goods up from our customers until late in the evening and deliver them, without consignee receipt, in the following night (night-express) anywhere in Switzerland. We offer this service also for Germany and other neighbouring European countries.

This will allow us to supply your consignee with all the necessary goods with our night express service on a regular basis before starting work. Thanks to this delivery in the most unproductive night your customers do not lose time and can process the ordered products without delay. There are also enlarge the effective radii and thus productivity for technicians.

We set up our efficiency as a quality leader in the industrial spare parts supply from the high demands of our customers. Under the brand name “First Class Night Express,” which will take account of this ideology, we offer individual and by personalized transport solutions at the highest level of quality.