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1st of November 2021, All Saints’ Day, a cantonal holiday

On this day, the following cantons here in Switzerland will not be supplied:

– Appenzell Inner-Rhodes
– Fribourg
– Glarus
– Jura
– Lucerne
– Nidwalden
– Obwalden
– Schwyz
– Solothurn
– St. Gallen
– Ticino
– Uri
– Valais
– Zug

And the Principality of Liechtenstein

Source: https://www.feiertagskalender.ch/feiertag.php?geo=3056&ft_id=47

The shipments at day and night in all other areas will be delivered normally.

For any questions please contact us by ccc@night-star-express.ch. We are at your disposal at any time around the clock at our hotline 0848 480 700 for special orders and special rides.

Your NSE Team